Power Source


Ages 0-12

Classes are held on Sunday mornings starting at 10:30am and Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Our Children’s Ministry Director

Becky Johnson joined Resurrection Life Church in 2018. She has served in the Helps Ministry since 2019. She was married to Alex Johnson in August 2010. Alex Johnson serves as a Sound Technician in the Audio Department of Resurrection Life Church. They have three children, CJ Upton, Logan Upton and Dinah Johnson. 

Becky Johnson has a heart for children and desires to see them grow closer to God. She was led by the Spirit to title the Children’s Ministry “Power Source.” Her goal is to teach our children that they can and will succeed in all God has called them to because they are plugged into the Power Source, Jesus Christ. 


What We’re Learning!

Our  Children are embarking on a journey teaching them about some of the miracles of Jesus.  During the next 8 weeks, kids will learn that Jesus fixed many broken things when he was here on earth, including our relationship with God.   By the end of our journey kids will know that no matter how big or small-Jesus fixed it all!


  • If you would like to work in the Children’s Ministry please contact Becky Johnson.


To be announced…